The new XX | XY fragrances – Expanding unisex frontiers.

XY Nude Wood and XX Metro Velvet explore the meaning of Gender-fluid.

Identifiable by a creative decoding of the subtleties of human identity, XX and XY are the chromosomes that define sexuality, the basis that establishes what we are, man or woman. The challenging idea on the composition is to expand the limits to the extreme point, wrapping feminine notes with a masculine scent and viceversa.

XX Metro Velvet contains an extract of the queen of feminine notes, the Rose, prisoner in a composition with masculine base. An opening of Orange and Saffron slides slowly in favour of Incense, Immortelle, Lily of the Valley and Rose extract, closing with an intense ensemble of Patchouli, Guaiacum wood, Styrax and Vanilla.

XY Nude Wood returns to Cedar and Vetiver, two of the most iconic and elegant masculine notes ever used in a perfume. A decisive lash of woods that gently blends into smooth notes of Cedar flowers, Coconut flowers, and Cinnamon. An androgynous heart of Leather, Tonka beans and Lily of the Valley, and a narcotic cage of Nagarmotha, Sandal, Cedar, Vetiver, Labdanum and Benzoin.

The two fragrances will be out in the first days of November 2016.